GeometryManager OCX

The GeometryManager OCX is a general purpose resizing container for use with VB5. It has many of
the features of competing products, but is available as shareware ($US10). For large organizations
who want the security of having the source code available, that is also an option.

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(R)DB Tools Application

A general purpose application for querying Oracle RDB (formerly Dec RDB) databases.

Unlike the default ODBC query tool that ships with the Oracle RDB ODBC drivers. (R)DB Tools
allows unlimited query size and contains numerous features needed by DBAs and programmers alike.

It also incorporates a drill-down explorer-style interface to metadata, allowing
for examination of triggers,
views, procedures as well as tables, fields and indexes.

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Document Management Range

Our range of document management products incorporates three separate products, targetted at all levels
of user from the home user to the large corporation.

Brief summaries of these products are given below, and a brochure (in PDF format), can be
requested by sending mail to
. The file will be mailed back to you.

The Document Reader

The entry level product. It is capable of reading up to 200 file formats (depending on licencing),
as well as viewing the markup files created by the other products in the range.

Document Markup

The same basic product as the reader, but with the added ability to create markup files
and perform batch printing an plotting.

Document Manager

Built around the same technology as the other products in the family, the Manager incorporates
many functions required drafting houses and large corporations alike. It not
only views and prints files, it also stores them in a database, keeps multiple versions, allows users to
search on specific (user-defined) attributes of the documents, handles notifications related to document
changes, and much more.

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for further details.

Trilinear Plot Java Applet

This Java applet is useful for creating the kind of trilinear plots used in hydrological
analysis. Data can be entered in PPM or MEq, and will be plotted by the applet. The output
page can optionally include tables of converted data, although this latter function is limited on some

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Virtual Mapping Software

See the Maps Section of the
Northern Territory Bird Atlas for an example
of dynamically generated maps. Address any questions to
our support email address.

See the Virtual Map page for more details.